Easy Quick Fixes For Your Cooking Slip- Ups

Easy Quick Fixes For Your Cooking Slip- Ups


  • The Veggies aren’t tasting the same?

Sometimes we end up over boiling/cooking vegetables. The simple fix to overcome the problem is to quickly plunge the vegetables in cold water. This will immediately stop the cooking process and prevent the veggies from losing any more of their texture.

  • When it tastes spicy!

Sometimes you need to learn the hard way of using the spices in kitchen. They are the most tricky of all to use. Even a pinch of extra red chillies or black pepper can send your dish (and your taste buds) into a blazing inferno. So incase you are preparing any gravy dish then you can certainly add some sour dairy product like- sour cream or yoghurt to balance thh flavour or you can add sugar, jaggery, coconut powder or dry besan if you are making some dry veggie.

  • Does Sticky Rice embarrasses your cooking?

Sometimes the simplest thing to be cooked in your meals, takes maximum of your time. Rice when overcooked becomes sticky and thus becomes problematic while serving in plates. Nonetheless, once rinsed under cold water you can easily overcome the problem since it helps in separating the grains.

  • When you want that perfect cake

We all know, preparing a cake take a lot of ones sweat and energy. So if you want that beauty come out clean then here is an advice.  Make sure to wait for the cake to cool initially before attempting to remove it  and if it still doesn’t then try setting the bottom of the pan in hot water to loosen up the fats and help the cake slide right out. Another creative solution to fix up the cake is filling the gaps with nuts, chocoloate sauce, berries etc which makes it look more tempting.

  • Is it too sugary?

They say excess of everything is bad, so is the case with sugar. Too much sugar when added becomes unhealthy. When preparing batter for the cake you can balance the sweetness by adding some acidic dairy like- sour cream or yoghurt.

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