Navratri Delicacies

Navratri Delicacies

Navratri, the nine day long festival is yet here again. Right from dressing up in the most colourful outfits to dancing the night away doing dandiya and garba, Navratri has many colours and flavours. So when it comes to fasting for full nine days, we indulge in preparing the best of delicacies to fill our belly.

Here are some scrumptious food options which can be prepared easily during fasting days easily. Have a look 🙂

  • Sabudana Khichdi

An easy navratri dish that can be prepared within in 15-20 mins. All you need to do is soak (Sago) sabudana a night prior you plan to prepare it. Since, sabudana is full of starch and carbohydrates, it gives you the much needed energy boost while fasting. You can prepare the dish by simply adding rock salt, chilli powder, powder and one chopped potato & tomato.


  • Kuttu Ki Puri

The puri or roti made of kuttu ka atta brings in an earthy and nutty flavour of the buckwheat flour in the main course meal during navratri. This tasty puri is an excellent source of some major nutrients and is a wholesome food which keeps ones belly full for long hours.

Kuttu Ke Aate Ki Poori - कुट्टू के आटे की पूरी (Fried Bread of Buckwheat Flour).jpg

  • Aloo tamatar ki sabzi

Easy lightly spiced curry made with potatoes and tomatoes.

This is another easy dish to be prepared during fasting. Generally eaten with kuttu ki puri in the main course meal. You can make it using simply by preparing tomato paste and adding basic spices like rock salt, red chilli powder with some ginger paste and coriander.

  • Makhane Kheer

Since the festive season is on, desserts do add a spirit a cheer. So, here’s for you low fat kheer recipe made with makhana and nuts. One can easily indulge without worrying about the calories intake.

Happy Fasting!

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