Ashtami Special- Kala Chana & Suji Ka Halwa

Ashtami Special- Kala Chana & Suji Ka Halwa

After eight days of long fasting (Nawratri) comes Ashtami. Durga Ashtami is considered as one of the most auspicious day of the year. On this day, small girls are worshiped by families following the old set rituals of washing their feet, applying kumkum and tieing roli on their hands. Later, Ashtami prasad is offered to kids.

The special prasad dishes prepared for ashtami pooja inlcudes- Suji ka halwa, Black channa and Puri.

Recipe for Kala Chana



  • 1/2 kg black peas soaked overnight, drain and cleaned post that
  • 2 tsp tsp salt
  • ½tsp chili powder
  • ½tsp amchur powder
  • ¼tsp haldi
  • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1tbsp mustard oil or any cooking oil


  • Once the black peas are puffed by the morning, drain the water using a stainer.
  • The pressure cook  them for good 6-7  whistles by adding salt to it.
  • Take a cooking pan, add oil and heat the pan
  • Add cumin seeds and when they start to sputter add in all the spices one by one
  • Now add black peas to the pan and boil it till the time water is dried up and peas get coated with all spices

Recipe for Suji Ka Hawla



  • 1 Cup of suji
  • 1/2 Cup ghee
  • 3 Cup sugar
  • 3 Cup water
  • 2 green cardamons and 3-4 almonds crushed to garnish in the end


  • When preparing suji halwa, a separate sugar syrup is to be made. For this, add sugar and water and boil it. You can add cardamom and saffron in it
  • Add suji and then ghee in another cooking pan. Stir fry it until it turns light brown and it gives out aroma
  • Now pour the prepared syrup in the hot suji mixture. Boil it on high flame until it becomes thick and it leaves ghee on the sides
  • You can pour it to another serving bowl and decorate it with crushed almonds and nuts


You can serve hot halwa and kala chana with Puri 🙂

Happy Ashtami Guys!!

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