The Green Salad

After long days of Diwali celebrations which was filled with delicacies coming in from morning till evening, i decided to take a break from the food. I thought to go the healthy way mid-week.

Prepared in 15mins, my healthy salad is topped with homemade tomato sauce and mint mayonnaise. The salad consitituted of- corn, cucumber, brochilli, paneer, tomato, salt & pepper.

Boil seperately corn and brochilli. Toss all the veggies together and add both the sauces and mix it well.

The sauces used in the salad are purely homemade with no preservatives and low on cals count. Tomato sauce constitues- tomatoes, salt, onion, garlic, sugar, vinegar and garam masala. Mint Mayonnaise constitues- mint, green chillies, sauf, salt, sugar, vinegar, egg and refined oil.

Salad with Tomato sauce & Mint Mayonnaise

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