Sushi and More : Food Review of Oxford Golf Resort

When it’s about a food tasting session, I don’t mind sparing one of the weekends for it! Yes, last weekend we were invited for a daylong session by Oxford Golf Resort for food tasting and property tour.

Located on Mumbai – Bangalore Highway at Bhawdhan, the Oxford Golf Resort is one of the world-class golf destinations. Spread across 1,300 acres of land and facing The Sahayadri range, the place offers a gamut of indoor and outdoor activities for family, friends and corporate. The clean and green pastures with 18 holes makes it an ideal weekend getaway destination for all golf lovers.

We were first taken to the camping area which was spread across five to six acres of lushgreen grass. Mr. Jayant Dofey, Head Adventure Operations gave us a warm welcome and took us for a tour through the entire camping area. There were different activities at various spots to be explored like – paint ball, bonfire, star gazing, horse riding, camping and born fire. Walking ahead of the place, there was a separate zone for activities like- Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Jumaring, High Ropes,  Mountain Biking Track, Nature trail and mountain biking.The entire experience was quite enriching since it was my first time when I had experienced all these activities. It took us an hour and half to complete the tour and proceed for the lunch at Malt Bar.





The menu was quite extensive – Japanese and World cuisine with veg and non-veg options. We started with appetizers, where we were offered a non-veg platter of crab stick salad, prawn sushi, chicken teriyaki bao paired with vodka based cocktail. It was a ciroc vodka smashed with fresh grape and mint, topped with a splash of ginger ale and shisho leaf. Prawn sushi turned out to be my favourite in the platter which was prepared by Chef Alex. And ofcourse the presentation of the platter was the catch! Loved the way how different items where layed on the black platter, bringing a good colour contrast.









The next in the menu was Chicken corn salad with truffle fires, olive and Jalapeno. This too was paired with another cocktail which was ‘Japanese Cider’.  Keeping in mind the touch of Japanese taste of whisky, cocktail which was whisky based was served. The cocktail had a tangy and sweet taste of green apple and honey. It was too perfectly blend with the crushed ice!




In the main course, Gosth biryani paired with Tzat ziki along with kheema pizza which was actually a flat bread tasting like Naanza. The biryani definitely steals the thunder. It was served in small hot earthen pots sealed with white dough on the top. It gave a very traditional and different feeling of having a dum biryani like that. Definitely a new experience I had! The kheema pizza was tender with kheema giving an absolute ‘bhoona’ taste.


In desserts, we were offered three options – Dark chocolate Mousse in shot glasses, Sago cream in tea glasses & Jalebi crème brulee in ramekin bowl. Being a big fan of chocolate mousse, I binged on it completely. Another fancy stuff by the chef here was, the mousee which was topped with a dark chocolate golf shaped ball. The design of the chocolate ball was done to the perfection by Chef Vivek Kumar.








Post lunch, we were taken to experience the golf game. We did not go the pitch but gave it a try with the help of a golf expert present there. He helped us in understanding – how to hold the club,  how to take an angle of hitting the ball, the body posture etc. It was quite a novel experience for me since I tried my hands for the first time  at golfing. Lastly, we went on a tour of the golf course on shuttle. It took us across the entire golf course patches. We even did a stopover to capture certain picturesque view.

The place has a lot to offer to families who plan to come over for a weekend stay. Facilities like – swimming pool, spa, in-house merchandise etc. definitely makes the resort worth coming back. There is something for all pet-lovers too. There are weekend special activities lined up for all furry babies J

They also offer different packages for couple especially during Valentine’s Day wherein they offer make arrangements pool side for the couple to have their private time. Some of the highlights include – floating rose petals and candle in the pool for the couples, arranging special cake cutting ceremonies etc.

Even though I am not a golfer but who wouldn’t like staying amidst such lavish greenery, comfort and ofcourse mouthwatering food.  A foodie like me can definitely not say ‘No’ to all of these!  The concept of pairing each platter with cocktail was also startling. Overall, the experience was quite an enthralling one at the Golf Course Resort. Right from adventurous sports to the food, everything was just so perfect!

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