Beat the Heat!

Summer has officially kicked in and you only have to step outdoors to experience how temperatures have soared! 


Given the intensity of this heat wave, it makes you wonder how to eat right and stay hydrated especially if you are on the move or your work requires you to work outdoors. Think about business executives, traffic police, construction workers, salesmen, food delivery staff and others – they are at risk of a sun stroke every time they are on the move or outdoors. So, how can they cope with this heat wave sensibly? There is more science to eating right this summer than we think.

As per Dr. Sandeep Sreedharan, MD, DM, Assistant Professor in Nephrology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, last few years have seen an alarming rise in heat wave related health events. Hydration is critical. Those who are directly exposed to sunlight during summer have to take extra care. Drink water whenever thirsty. Dizziness, black outs, confusion – these are the red flags to watch for as it may require medical attention. Lemon juice, fruits like watermelon and pomengranates are good. Soda, tea and coffee may increase diuresis (urine formation) so avoid it. Avoid spicy food and high protein diet like red meat at this time. Fruits like mango are also not advised.

Most of us know that there can be no ‘ideal food chart’ for any season. India is a vast country and every state has its rich and diverse food heritage and customs that vary from season to season. However, some food combinations work well to beat the intensity of temperatures and typically, these are specific to local conditions. For instance, in south India, people pack items such as curd rice, tamarind rice and lemon rice for lunch.

Its recommended to increase one’s intake of local fresh fruit drinks such as coconut water, nimbu pani, kokum, bael, sherbat, aam panna, sattu and butter milk. Having an extra glass of water for every 30 minutes you spend out in the sun is also a good practise. Spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine can heat up your body internally, so avoid. Stick to smaller portions and keep munching on a fruit or a water vegetable like cucumber in between meals. Fried foods are harder to digest. Also skip excessive additives, preservatives, and taste enhancers. Go natural – your GI system will thank you for this

To beat this heat wave, go natural in your food and drink choices and take care to stay hydrated always!

Source: FE Online

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