Dig into a spoonful of jam!

I have never been a diehard fan of any other jam except Kissan mix fruit. But the homemade jams prepared by Tasha & Girl company has definitely amazed me with the incredible taste especially of Strawberry Lavender & Mango Pepper.

The box of four cute little jam bottles was delivered at my place for tasting. It carried a very quirky note which has definitely made me inquisitive to know about the story of this start-up based out of Pune 🙂

I decided to try out my two favourites flavours in my way – healthy way! On the Saturday evening, when I had a craving of sweet munching, I took out the box of my favourite Digestive biscuits and spread a spoon of Strawberry Lavendar jam on one and Mango Pepper jam on the other. It was definitely worth experimenting as it added a new taste to my daily biscuits. Since Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits, i tried this jam bottle first and it has truly impressed me! It had a very tangy and sweet taste. And the next on my mind is to try the jam as an icing on the cake as it gives that jelly effect. The combination of Pepper with Mango was another yummy jam flavour. I think this mango flavour will really taste yummy when tried with Vanilla ice-cream also!

I definitely liked the idea of putting in two flavours at one time. And not to miss on to the packaging, which is quite striking and appealing.




For all the healthy freaks in the town, these tasty jams are the best pals. These jams have at least 40% less sugar than the commercial varieties. All thanks to the ever-so-sweet fruits we pick. Also, no preservatives or firming agents, colours or artificial flavour. In fact, nothing goes in the jams that hasn’t been tasted in its raw form by either Tasha or The Girl.

So hurry up and grab your favourite flavour by clicking on – http://tashaandgirl.store/

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